Spondo Refund Policy

Spondo is committed to providing high quality service, so when things don’t work properly we’re just as upset about it as you are! In the event the viewer is not satisfied with their purchase, this Refund Policy explains how things work and under what circumstances we may be prepared to give the viewer a refund.

Spondo is the payment and delivery facilitator

Just so you know, the viewer is actually buying the content from You, the Content Owner, not Spondo. Spondo will take payment from the viewer on behalf of the Content Owner, issue the viewer a receipt of purchase, and give them access to view the content they’ve just paid for. Spondo will email the viewer a receipt but if they need a proper tax invoice, we suggest they contact the Content Owner.

Content purchases are facilitated via PayPal

All transactions are facilitated by PayPal. This means the viewer has the option of logging in and using their existing PayPal Account, creating a new PayPal account, or paying via your credit card through the PayPal shopping cart. Any refunds made will be credited back to the same PayPal account or credit card used for the purchase.

On-demand content purchases

When the viewer purchases an on-demand piece of content they will have a limited period of time in which to complete their viewing. The time period the viewer will have to view the content is 2 times (double) the content duration, starting from the moment they begin watching the video. This means that the viewer can purchase on-demand content, and watch it later. Spondo allows access of 2 times (double) the content duration so that will give the viewer enough time to replay parts of it they want to review. After this time period has elapsed, a new purchase will need to be made if the viewer wishes to view the content again. Should the viewer purchase an on-demand piece of content and find when they go to view it that it has been removed in the meantime, a refund will be issued to the viewer if requested.

Download-to-own content purchases

After a download-to-own piece of content is purchased, the viewer will be able to download the file one time only (Spondo frowns upon piracy). The viewer will have 2 attempts at downloading the file, so if they are unsuccessful they need to contact us by email at help@Spondo.com.

Live event purchases

This might seem obvious, but we have to make it clear just in case there is any potential for misunderstanding; All purchases for a live event are only valid for the time this event is actually being broadcast. If the viewer purchases a ‘ticket’ to view a live event and either miss the event or try to view it after it has ended, no refund will be made. Even if the live event is subsequently made available as video on-demand, the purchase the viewer has made for the live event will be invalid to view the on-demand version and no refund will be provided. The only exceptions would be if the event organiser changed the time or date of the event and the viewer was no longer able to view the live stream at the new time; if the organiser cancelled the event altogether; or, if there was a technical failure which prevented the live event from streaming at the advertised time. Under these circumstances a refund would be issued to the viewer if requested.

Free-view content

Some content may be available to view free of charge. In this case, the viewer can view the content without making a purchase and there are no restrictions on how many times they can view it. As there is no purchase, there will be no refund offered for failure to view free-view content.

When do we give refunds?

Spondo will refund a viewer’s purchase in the unlikely event that our system suffers a conniption and makes it impossible for them to view the content they have purchased. Spondo will also consider giving a refund if the viewer is unhappy with the quality of the content that they have purchased, or if they feel it was not correctly advertised. The good news is that this doesn’t happen very often!

Choose carefully

Spondo asks that the viewer choose carefully before making their purchase because we don’t give refunds if they change their mind or make the wrong selection. Spondo will not refund the viewer’s purchase if they subsequently decide that they do not want to watch the content or should the viewer’s download connection negatively impact on the quality of the playback (so, if they try to watch a live stream on a dial-up connection, we won’t give them a refund).

Contact us

If the viewer thinks our system gobbled their money without giving them the content they purchased, that’s not good and we want to look into it. We ask the viewer to contact us by email at help@Spondo.com and we will look into their complaint to ascertain if our system was indeed the culprit, and if so we’ll happily refund their money.

Transaction costs on refunded purchases

In the event Spondo approves a refund for a viewer, Spondo will bear the transaction costs on the original purchase and any costs associated with the refund. The full purchase price will be refunded to the viewer, and the full purchase price will be deducted in the Content Owner’s Net Receipts calculation.